Upgrading from Windows 10/11 Home edition to Windows 10/11 Pro edition is quite simple.

Enter the Windows 10 Pro product key you purchased and the upgrade process will begin.

You may get an error “0xC004F050 during the upgrade process, in this case, there is nothing to worry about, just restart your computer and your Windows will upgrade itself to the Pro version then you can do activation as well.

If you still have the Home edition even after restarting your computer, your windows may not have changed its old key, in this case you need to enter your Windows 10/11 Pro key into your computer with CMD.

Here is  the instruction for changing the product key via CMD:

First you need to open CMD as Admin and enter following commands (3 Lines make Sure that you open CMD AS ADMIN otherwise it will not work don’t chnage this key “P8PHF-VNW9H-FDKT3-FTWJK-QV66T ” it is required to upgrade after you upgrade use the key that you orderd):

sc config LicenseManager start= auto & net start LicenseManager

sc config wuauserv start= auto & net start wuauserv

changepk.exe /productkey P8PHF-VNW9H-FDKT3-FTWJK-QV66T

And it will upgrading automatically

even if you got an error while upgrading just restart your PC/Laptop and it will be done

After the upgrade use the first given key to activate it.

So, your product key will be change successfully.

Unfortunately, non-core edition can’t be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro directly so you need to reinstall Windows 10 Pro with clean installation.

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